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“University research shows there is a positive correlation between the achievement grades of university students in Financial Accounting and ‘Logical-Mathematical’ intelligence” K.T.U. and Giresun University

Only 1 in 9 people have Logical-Mathematical Intelligence to be a good accountant. Intelligence is not a score, it’s where people are naturally smart with their unique abilities to think, learn and act in specific ways, for different occupations. For instance, a successful accountant with mathematical-logical intelligence is different from say a spatially intelligent accountant who might be more suitable for marketing, sales, networking, etc. Mathematical-Logical accountants are more likely to have the following abilities:

  • They Follow a logical line of thought to apply logical reasoning
  • They have good mathematical ability to solve problems and get better solutions
  • They are well-organized and have lists, plans and objectives for achieving success.
  • They have good self-discipline to work hard as well as smart

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