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Get a shortlist of the best applicants matched to your job by simply adding a link in your job ads, for only the cost of a job ad.
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Save thousands of dollars and your time by getting a shortlist of the best applicants

Vouchercloud UK* research shows that the average employees are productive for only 3 hours a day spending most of their time on social media, news, websites, texting and talking. They get bored and are easily distracted costing you up to $100,000’s more by having to hire and manage extra staff to get the job done.

Research from Dream Collective shows that the best employees are up to 400% more productive than average employees and can cost you $100,000’s in lost productivity if you have to replace them.

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It’s not only how qualified applicants are, it’s whether they have the right intelligence to do the job

It doesn’t matter how qualified or experienced an applicant is, if they don’t have the right intelligence for the job, they are unlikely to be very productive. For example, if you’re hiring an accountant, we suggest you should hire someone with mathematical logical intelligence, and not someone with say, spatial intelligence, which is more suited to a sales and marketing position. “University research validates this by showing there is a positive correlation between the achievement grades of university students in Financial Accounting and ‘Logical-Mathematical’ intelligence” K.T.U. and Giresun University

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You can include the link in all your job advertisements

You receive a link to include in all your job advertisements. The applicants click on the link to take a short test to match their intelligence and ability to the job with the results emailed to you directly from your job advertisements.
Each different job requires a different link as the most productive intelligence needed will vary with each position. Try it for the first month for free.
You receive:

  • Unlimited use of the ‘LINK’ in all your job advertisements for each position
  • Unlimited screening of all applicants
  • A shortlist of the best applicants automatically emailed to you direct from the ‘LINK’ in your job advertisements.
  • You receive the different profiles for each job matched to the most productive intelligence.
  • It’s only $190 for a shortlist of the best applicants matched to the most productive intelligence for the job.

To discover the best talent for your job, follow these three steps.

1. Discover the most productive employee

Identifying the type of employee who will be most productive in your job.

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2. Include a live-link in your job advertisement

You receive a unique link to include in your job advertisements. Applicants will be invited to take a short online test to help discover their main intelligence.

3. Use your shortlist to hire the best intelligence

As soon as they have completed the test you will see their results in real time, similar to the sample shown below.

Use this shortlist to hire the best applicants for your job.

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