Employees are productive only 2 hours 53 mins a day*

… costing you $100,000’s extra in employee costs every year


Research from Vouchercloud UK* shows the average employee is unproductive for most of the day, spending hours on social media, news websites, texting, talking for friends and even looking for new jobs. This could be costing your business hundreds of thousands of dollars extra every year in having to hire and manage more employees than you really need.

Find productive employees

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To find a shortlist of the best applicants for your job, simply add a link to your job advertisements. You’ll see the applicants responding to your ad in real time, and find a shortlist of people that are best suited to your job.

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It’s not how smart they are, it’s where they are smart

By using Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences we found that you can match a person’s natural intelligence with the right intelligence needed to do the job. For example, if you’re hiring an accountant you should hire someone with mathematical logical intelligence, and not someone with spatial intelligence, which is more suited to a sales and marketing position. Click on the intelligences below to learn more about them, and discover the jobs that best suit them.


To discover the best talent for your job, follow these three steps.

1. Discover the most productive employee

Identifying the type of employee who will be most productive in your job.

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2. Include a live-link in your job advertisement

You receive a unique link to include in your job advertisements. Applicants will be invited to take a short online test to help discover their main intelligence.

3. Use your shortlist to hire the best intelligence

As soon as they have completed the test you will see their results in real time, similar to the sample shown below.

Use this shortlist to hire the best applicants for your job.

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Why are employees so unproductive?

This simple answer is that most employees don’t have the natural intelligence for the job and become unhappy and easily distracted. Gallup research found that 4 out of 5 employees are unengaged and not suited for their jobs.