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Why 4 in 5 people are in the wrong job

A recent gallup poll discovered some amazing statistics about workers in Australia, which is reflected around the world. 4 out of 5 of people haven’t matched their talent to their job. This has a flow on effect for productivity, as well as worker satisfaction, which leads to increased cost to hire new staff.

When your workers aren't engaged, it affects productivity and profits.

Decreased Productivity

Disengaged workers means decreased productivity

Decreased profits

The majority of workers are 'just getting by' in their job

Higher recruiting costs

When disengaged workers leave it is going to cost more to replace them, in both time and money.

Old recruiting methods don't work

If so many people are in the wrong job, it shows that traditional recruiting methods are fundamentally flawed.

Gerd Leonhard, founder and chief executive of The Futures Agency, says: “In a world where everything is becoming connected, where everything is intelligent, and where increased efficiencies will enable more certainty… the old ways of doing business will fall pitifully short of the level required for even business survival.”

So what's the solution? Read on.

How to hire the best talent

    Discover the main intelligence you're looking for.

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        Match your applicants to your job


        • This simple to apply and practical profiling tool has been invaluable in helping me to understand the make up of teams, particularly in identifying gaps in the team’s capability to perform and deliver results. There are several popular profiling tools on the market, many of which require accredited professionals to debrief the results for the information to be truly useful. The HBT tool can be interpreted in the moment with the person being profiled, allowing instant decisions about the suitability of the person for a particular role.

          Leo – Business Leader
        • Hiring the right people and ensuring people are in the right fit for each job in your business is often a big part of a business owner’s life.  This app helps take the stress out of the process.  It has personally helped me structure organisations and place people in the most appropriate positions for the business to move forward quickly and be successful.

          Kim – Business Owner
        • When I applied this tool to a sales team for a company, the CEO very quickly realised that he did not have all the right people filling the the necessary seats on the bus, let alone some of the team being best suited for the customer facing roles. The tool also helped in coaching the National Sales Manager, who was formerly promoted from a product specialist background, to be more effective in driving sales results through the team. This information, from the application of the HYW tool, has made decisions about hiring future sales leaders, as well as sales representatives, a lot easier and clearer for the company.

          Allie – Sales Enablement Specialist

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