About Us

10 years ago, while operating a successful importing and marketing business we also established a “Boardroom” for CEO’s to come, learn and network with each other to help to solve their biggest business problems. We quickly discovered: the biggest challenge and most discussed problem for businesses is….

‘How do we hire the best employees and manage people to be engaged, productive and happy at work?’

So, we started a program called Hire Best Talent using research and data analytics to solve the problem and were amazed to find some remarkable but obvious answers … (We found that People Analytics was the best technology to use and to automate the way business screens and shortlists candidates by matching all candidates intelligence to the job)

The key to hiring the best talent is to know which intelligence is needed to do the job and match it to the intelligence of all applicants to shortlist which applicants are most suited

For example: What is the best Intelligence for an Accountant?

Answer: Mathematical/logical. Obviously, Accountants should be mathematical and naturally know right answers, making good judgements and giving good advice, being logical and good at problem solving and managing. Financial/accounting university research also found that students with mathematical/logical intelligence scored higher marks than other intelligences.

We also asked the question that if existing recruitment technology really worked, then why does Gallup and other research show that around 4 out of 5 employees are not engaged or suited to their work, despite having the right qualifications, experience and skills,

Prices Law agrees with Gallup and says that just a few people do most of the work. Try this with your business, take the square root of the number of employees. Example, let’s say, the number of employees is 9, the square root of 9 is 3, which means only 3 people do half the work while it takes another 6 people to do the other half. Why, most probably because 6 people are not really suited to the work they are doing.

Get the employees you want when you hire the best talent.