The one thing you need when hiring an Accountant

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“University research shows there is a positive correlation between the achievement grades of university students in Financial Accounting and ‘Logical-Mathematical’ intelligence” K.T.U. and Giresun University

Only 1 in 9 people have Logical-Mathematical Intelligence to be a good accountant. Intelligence is not a score, it’s where people are naturally smart with their unique abilities to think, learn and act in specific ways, for different occupations. For instance, a successful accountant with mathematical-logical intelligence is different from say a spatially intelligent accountant who might be more suitable for marketing, sales, networking, etc. Mathematical-Logical accountants are more likely to have the following abilities:

  • They Follow a logical line of thought to apply logical reasoning
  • They have good mathematical ability to solve problems and get better solutions
  • They are well-organized and have lists, plans and objectives for achieving success.
  • They have good self-discipline to work hard as well as smart

Get more than just a resume… scan, screen and match the applicant’s intelligence for the job get a shortlist of the best applicants by comparing up to 81 intelligence variations and abilities to hundreds of candidates instantly, with the results live-streamed directly to you.

  • Our screening live-link identifies the applicants with the best intelligence for the job, saving you up to 100% of the time and effort of screening people
  • A shortlist of the best applicants emailed to you, saving up to 90% of the hiring cost
  • Get more certainty in the hiring process to help save you from the cost, time and frustrations of hiring the wrong applicant.

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You get scanning, screening, a shortlist and profiles live-streamed to you from unlimited applicants and unlimited job sites, for only $97. click here to get started.

You get more than a resume, you get scanning, screening, a shortlist and profiles live-streamed to you from unlimited applicants and unlimited job sites for only $97. Need more convincing? Try it with your staff first. And if you aren’t completely satisfied we will give you your money back.

Having Trouble Hiring Good Staff?

We will let Steve Jobs explain why

“I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person accomplished was 50 or 100 to 1. Given that, you’re well advised to go after (the best talent), the cream of the cream. A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players” – Steve Jobs

Why personality tests do not work

Personality and psychometric testing have been around for almost 100 years, but business still finds it hard to reliably measure a person’s ability. If personality tests worked every business would be employing the right person for each job every time. However, Gallup research shows that only 1 out of 5 employees are engaged in their work, meaning 4 out of 5 hires are not a good fit.. 

Why traditional hiring methods do not work

Traditional hiring methods focus on a person’s qualifications, skills and experience and how well they communicate when interviewed. This is the major reason why so many people are hired for the wrong reasons. If a person does not have the right talent for the job, they will only ever be a poor employee. Too many times a person who has the right qualifications and who interviews well gets the job. What this really measures is the applicant’s mental ability to get a qualification/degree and to apply for a position where they can use it. They get experience in the workplace and develop some skills. Unfortunately, most will never be a fully engaged employee because the work is not natural to them. This means that they are also likely to be an unhappy employee because they are not fulfilled.

Many people choose studies they are not suited to because they don’t know what their natural talent or what course of study to choose, but they have the mental ability to gain the qualification. Unfortunately, research results highlight that many jobs are filled with people who are not best suited to the type work they choose. 

Finding the best talent needed for the job is the answer and matching it to the applicant’s.

Hire Best Talent uses predictive analytics to focus on data and statistical methods gained from both the employer and potential employees to find the right talent needed to do the job and matches the candidates to find who has the right talent, intelligence and strengths for the position. No more do you have to employ a candidate who has the qualifications and experience for the position but not the talent and ability to do the job. Some candidates have the communication skill to sell employers on their ability to do the job when they do not have the natural ability do the job then both parties loose out.

Match 81 job abilities to 100’s of candidates in minutes with results in real time

Now with the power, speed and accuracy of predictive analytics you, the employer, can receive the results from each job applicant matched with the job and live streamed to your email within minutes of each person completing the test on their phone, tablet or computer. Plus you will receive a report showing which applicants are matched to the job and which are not, meaning you can choose to interview those most suited for the position. Think how much time this will save you from going through tens or even hundreds of resumes trying to read between the lines which are the best applicants. Predictive analytics can do all the work for you in minutes saving you time, money and guess work.

How does it work?

Step1: is to find the talent you need for the job. For instance, if you want a management accountant then you need an applicant that has organisational and management skills with mathematical and logical intelligence. Just because an applicant has a degree, say in accountancy, you can’t presume that they would be a good accountant. Many applicants may have the qualifications and experience to make employers think they would be the best applicant only for the employer to find out their mistake months later and then have to spend more money and time fixing the problems created, sacking the person and then go back to starting the whole hiring process again, hopefully with a better result. Find the talent you need for your job right now, it’s free, fast, and you will get your answer immediately, just click here to find out now.

Step 2: you receive an email link to send to all applicants to test their talents from which you will receive the results for each applicant matched to the job. It is important you send the link to test each applicant otherwise you could miss out on the most talented applicant for the job. For only $97, why would you not analyse all your applicants?

Step 3:  now you have a match for which applicants have the best talent for the job, including where they are naturally intelligent and their strengths. Choose from the short list of best talented applicants to interview. 

Don’t interview anyone until you know which applicants have best the talent for the job.

Don’t waste your time reading all the resume, when for only $97 you can have hundreds of candidates tested and compared to find the best talented people for your job. Send the test to all applicants, because if you eliminate any you could over-look the best applicant. 

You, the employer, will receive the results from each job applicant matched with the job and live streamed to you within seconds of each person completing the test on their phone, tablet or computer. Our predictive analytics will report to you which applicants are matched to the job and which are not, meaning you can choose to interview the most suitable applicants for the job. Think how much time this will save you from going through tens or even hundreds of applicants resume’s and trying to interpret who is suitable.

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Don’t hire average people

In this short video, Keith Henry (the creator of Hire Best Talent) discusses why you shouldn’t hire average people.

Why is that? Because both the bad performers and talented performers are easy to recognise in your workplace. But the average employees look like they are doing their job. But around 80% of all employees are just doing what they have to, and are wasting your business money.

Why are they employed? Because they have the right degree, the right skills and the right experience.

What’s the solution? To hire the best talent for your job, not the best skills. Click here to learn how to do that.

Why hiring staff is like buying shoes

When buying new shoes, the first step is to work out what size you are. It doesn’t matter how good a shoe looks, or how many features it has, if it isn’t the right size it just won’t work. In the same way, when you’re hiring new staff they have to be the right fit for your position. It doesn’t matter if a job applicant looks good and interviews well, if they aren’t the right fit for your position it just isn’t going to work.

This sounds obvious, but why do 4 out of 5 people end up in the wrong job? Basically it is because recruiters have been measuring the wrong thing! Every day, jobs are filled by people who have the experience, the qualifications and some of the skills for the position. This old method of recruiting just doesn’t work.

In order to find the right person for your job, you first need to find the main natural intelligence you are looking for, right here at HireBestTalent.com. Once you have worked out what you are looking for, you can then simply add a link to your job advertisement. When applicants click on the link they will take a short online test that will show you in real time their natural intelligence, and you can quickly find the best talent for your job. Click here to try it now >