Mathematical/Logical Intelligence

People with Mathematical Logical Intelligence are obviously good at maths. and they use this intelligence to come up with logical solutions. They can also implement their decisions by working and managing other employees. They are a natural at problem solving, where many others find it more difficult.

Making Judgements Thinking

They are good at solving problems using logic to make the best decisions. They do this by making judgements on which is the best solution and can give good advice. They also have a natural ability to manage people fairly, and make a very good project manager, accountant and engineer.

People with Mathematical/Logical Intelligence are best suited to the following jobs. Click on the applicant you are looking for.

Attorney, Legal Solicitor
Administraton (Manager)
Accountant Manager, CFO
Computer Programmer
Company Manager, Director
Company CFO
Computer Manager
Financial Planner
Inventory Manager

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