Tactile Intelligence

People with Tactile Intelligence are very good at doing tasks, both hands-on, technical, production and office procedures. They are great with building things, being technical or repairing a device.

Methodical Thinking

They like to know and be sure about doing a task. They like to know the rules and what is expected. They like to follow procedures and operation manuals so they do things correctly and orderly. They think like an instruction manual: start with the first step and sequentially go through to the last task.

People with Tactile Intelligence are best suited to the following jobs. Click on the applicant you are looking for.

Accountant, Book Keeper
Administration (Clerical)
Contract Manager
Credit Manager
Database Administrator
Driver, Transport
Health and Safety Officer
Help Desk (Technical)
I.T. Technician
Maintenance jobs
Marketing, Practical
Purchasing Officer
Payroll Officer
Project Manager
Quality Control Manager
Risk Management Advisor
Sales, Technical Representative
Security Officer
Software Programmer
Trades Person
Warehouse Worker

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