About us

Do you know where you are naturally intelligent, what your talent is, what your 3 top strengths are, what types of careers you are most suited to? If you employ people would you like to know these answers for every employee and even better, how would you like to know these answers for every new job applicant so as you can match the right talent with the talent needed to do the work?

For years we have been showing businesses the jobs that their employees are best suited to so that they will be more productive, more engaged and happier. By either shifting people around or focusing their work more on using their talents we have been able to re-motivate people and inspire people. Businesses have seen their productivity rise, their sales increase and their business culture dramatically improve by getting people to do more of what the are naturally good at doing.

We have also worked with individuals who wondered what they should do with their lives as they were not happy in the type of work they were employed in. In some cases we have talked with managers in helping these people transition into jobs much more suited to them, while others have quit to work in the field they know will suit them best and others have gone back to start new studies.

We realised how we could help businesses to hire the right people in the first place

That we could save the company and their employees a lot of frustration and stress by not employing people in the wrong job. Research shows that for every 5 people employed only 1 is the right fit and other research shows that only 1 in 5 people are happy in their job.

So we have spent the last 3 years developing an easy to use program that every business owner or manager can use in just minutes to discover the talent they need for each job and send a link that we supply for every job applicant to do to see if their talent matches the job requirement.

We wanted to make it inexpensive so that you can send it to every applicant before you interview anyone and where you get their reports live streamed back to you showing their talents and which ones match the job. Then you only need to interview the candidates that are suitable. This will speed up the hiring process from weeks to just days and reduce the costs of employing from thousands of dollars to starting from only $3 per applicant.

You can get the results you want when you hire the best talent.